Saturday, May 30, 2009

Superheroes Of Space - The Album


The audio

The artwork

The track listing

  1. Laika
    Music: Kip Loades (produced by Rob Fisher)
    Lyrics and Vocals: Layla Vandenbergh
  2. Droids (gonna rock this mothership)
    Music: Dan Gresham
    Lyrics and Vocals: Greg Dean
  3. An Echo of Mimesis [subject: James Turrell]
    Music: Joe Dean
    Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
    Vocals: Kelly Hoglund
  4. I am the Space Hand [subject: DEXTRE]
    Music: Jimmy Schmitz: First Engineer ISS (additional synth commands: Doctor 30)
    Lyrics: Tim Donderevo
    Vocals: Microsoft Mike
  5. Russian Man Outside [subject: Alexey Leonov]
    Music: Greg Dean
    Lyrics and Lead Vocals: Barney Brown / Kip Loades
  6. Voyager
    Music: Robot Android Fisher
    Lyrics and Vocals: Craig Macintosh
  7. Dear Mars Rovers
    Music: Craig Macintosh
    Lyrics and vocals: Jules Peters
    Backing Vocals: Sam Berry
  8. Probe II’s Golden Message [subject: Voyager II]
    Music: Dan Waldkirch
    Lyrics and Vocals: Kip Loades
  9. Klaatu Barada Nikto
    Music: Mike Weber
    Lyrics and Vocals: Joseph Ashley-Smith
  10. Lonely Planets Club [subject: Pluto]
    Music: Tim Marchand and Jules Peters (percussion: Julian Lambert)
    Lyrics and Vocals: Dan Waldkirch
  11. Dave [subject: 2001]
    Music: Eric Lebofsky/Tim Donderevo
    Lyrics and Vocals: Bob Rocket
  12. Space Junk
    Music: Barney Brown (additional drums: Jim Smith)
    Lyrics and Vocals: Eric Lebofsky / Tim Donderevo
  13. Step Aside Roger Moore [subject: Yuri Gagarin]
    Music: Digital Midget
    Lyrics and Vocals: Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns: JuPiter (Jules Peters), Spaceman Sam (Sam Berry) Tim Martian (Tim Marchand) (additional backing vocals: Eddie "Dwiddles" Peters)
  14. That’s the Worm’s Game [Subject: Wormholes]
    Music: Jules Peters (drums and percussion: Julian Lambert)
    Lyrics: Nick Osbourne / Richard Yates
    Vocals: Nick Osbourne / Mad Sparks
  15. Freeman Lowell
    Music: The Incredible Flight of Birdman
    Lyrics and Vocals: Tim Marchand
  16. The Burning Man [subject: Gully Foyle]
    Music: Joseph Ashley-Smith
    Lyrics and Vocals: Dan Waldkirch

Album mastered by Tim Donderevo

Artwork by Greg Dean and Dan Gresham

Images Courtesy of NASA

The lyrics

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Copyright and Publishing Intercontinental Music Lab 2009

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported

Friday, May 29, 2009


Friends of every nation...

Here's a sneak preview of one of my Superheroes Of Space tracks! Enjoy the album!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ta Da 2

Some possible issues of copyright with some of the images used on the last cover had prompted a re-think. The original concept didn't work without most of the subject matter represented so I trawled Nasa's copyright free gallery for inspiration. And there it was - Astronaut Mike Gernhardt doing the classic foreshortened flying pose of a Superhero. In Space! ( )

A few tweaks, a bit of smoke for effect, lots of sparkle and shine and out pops a new cover.
Thanks Mike...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are we "Go"?

Are the tracks all in yet?

Because...I am getting Excited!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


You'll have to imagine the spacejunk and wormholes somewhere around the top just out of view. All your other subjects are there. For some reason there were no Victorian engravings of astronauts and rockets in my source books(!) so we have moved away from this aspect of the brand identity while hopefully retaining all the other recognizable features of the 'Superheroes' trilogy (sorry, I sound like I'm on the apprentice). Thanks to Dan for helping out and providing some other great images for the project which will be released soon.


Hey - IML!

In only 13.7 million years, we have come from a very small hot primordial state into an infinitely expanding dimension of (hopefully saddle-shaped) timespace. Right at the expanded end of the chart is the IML's Superheroes of Space album - appropriately the newest and coolest thing in the universe.

I'm in the process of mastering the Superheroes Of Space album, and I want to thank you all for making my job so easy. I know I always plotz when I first hear all the tracks - but this bunch of songs is really something else. I feel like everyone was trying to out-do themselves, and succeeded.

The quality and integrity of the audio is so high for this project, that I've had to take a different, subtler approach to mastering. Across the board the production of the backing tracks was way more consistent than albums 1 & 2 and the integration of the vocals well handled. To get geeky - instead of mastering with compression to get all the tracks sounding similar (and loud) I'm using a rad EQ called 'Har Bal' to tweak the odd freq. That's all.

As usual - doing some intensive listening has revealed the subtlest elements of all your songs; I've heard them, and dug them, and hopefully enhanced them where I could. V. excited about this album - its as heavy and beautiful in places as any music I listen to - and spazzy as hell.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

So close now. Can.. almost..

Inching ever closer, last tracks should be ready within days, some mastering work already started. I think we have just enough oxygen to last...

[For any of you struggling to pass the time until release date, try reading The Dirt (The Motley Crue story). Just finished it - its bloody amazing - and I don't even like Motley Crue! Best rock and roll book I've ever read. Anyone wanna start a glam rock band?!]

Grreg Sevven